Australian Schooling Visa: AU Immigration for Parent and Child

Australian Schooling Visa

Australian Schooling Visa: AU Immigration for Parent and Child

Australia is accepting applications for the Australian Schooling visa from international students who want to enroll in Australian schools.

The visa would allow one parent to accompany their school-going child in Australia.

The accompanying parent can stay in Australia with their school-going child for the entire duration of the education or until the child turns 18 (whichever comes first).

The other parent will have the opportunity to travel and meet their family in Australia frequently with this Australian Schooling Visa.

With the Australian Schooling visa, international students can enroll in both public and private schools in Australia and obtain an education from one of the world’s best education systems.

The majority of school-going students in Australia attend public schools, while there are private schools as well should parents wish to send their children to school elsewhere.

Although public schools provide free education for Australian students, international students will have to pay a tuition fee.

On the other hand, private schools in Australia tend to be quite expensive.

International students can follow Australia’s national curriculum in public schools, the IB curriculum or the Ordinary and Advanced Level (O/A Level) exam system in private schools.

Students can enroll in Primary, Secondary or Senior Secondary schools in Australia and have one parent live with them in the country.

The Australian schooling system starts at Foundation Year and runs till Year 12, with each academic year having three to four terms.

Academic years run from late January or early February to mid-December and have an open admission system, meaning new students can enroll in Australian schools in the middle of an ongoing academic year.

The school structure in Australia is as follows:

  1. Primary school: starts at Foundation Year (also called kindergarten/preparatory/pre-school) and runs through Year 6 or 7;
  2. Secondary school: runs from Years 7 or 8 to Year 10; and
  3. Senior Secondary school: Years 11 and 12.

After completing Year 12, students appear for a State exam in Australia.

Australian universities do not hold entrance exams. Instead, universities admit new students based on their scores in their State exams.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than 4,000,000 students were enrolled in 9,614 schools across Australia in 2022.

More than 480,000 students were attending pre-school, more than 2,000,000 were enrolled in primary school, and over 1,600,000 school-going children were studying in secondary school.

The retention rate for students from Year 7/8 to Year 12 was recorded at more than 80 per cent.

The Australian Schooling Visa will also allow one parent to accompany their children attending school in Australia. While one parent will be allowed to accompany the school-going child in Australia, the other parent can frequently visit them in the country. Applicants should be financially able and the student must be in good health to qualify for the Australian Schooling visa.

Benefits of the Australian Schooling Visa

Quality Education: Australia offers a world-renowned education system with high academic standards, well-equipped schools, and skilled teachers.

Multicultural Experience: Studying in Australia provides an opportunity to interact with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering a global perspective and cultural exchange.

Language Proficiency: Immersion in an English-speaking environment can significantly improve language skills and open doors to future educational and career opportunities.

Safe Environment: Australia is known for its safety, making it an attractive destination for parents seeking a secure environment for their children’s education.

Post-Study Options: After completing their schooling, students may have the option to pursue further education in Australia at the university level if they meet the requirements.

Australia has extended post-study work rights for international students with select degrees to strengthen the pipeline to skilled work in Australia.

With the Australian Schooling Visa, international students can obtain an education from one of the world’s best educational systems, live in one of the safest and most popular countries and experience a dream lifestyle, which makes this the chance of a lifetime!