Former Resident Visa (151 Visa)

Former Resident Visa

Former Resident Visa (151 Visa)

Who is Former Resident Visa for?

Former Resident Visa is applicable for those who were previously permanent residents of Australia and those who want to live in Australia as permanent residents after serving in the Australian Defence Force.

How do I get Former Resident Visa ?

  •  You must be below 45 years of age.
  •  You must never have been a citizen of Australia.
  •  You must have spent at least 9 years as a permanent resident in Australia before you reached 18 years of age.
  •  You must have perpetuated business, personal or cultural ties with Australia – such as being an owner of a property in Australia – whilst living abroad.

There are also some factors you need to avoid, such as:

  •  You must have previously served in the Australian Defence Force for at least 3 months before 19 January 1981.
  •  You must meet the health and character requirements.

Are there any other conditions?

You should not have any debts to the government of Australia or have arranged to pay any debts before this visa is granted. You will need to pay the costs of the various assessments and tests when applying for the visa.

How do I apply for Former Resident Visa?

You will need to complete the Subclass 151 application form and lodge your application along with the necessary documents. Contact eduaid for more information regarding lodging a successful visa application.

What are the features and benefits of Former Resident Visa?

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