Skilled Migration to Australia and Canada in 2023

Skilled Migration to Australia and canada

Skilled Migration to Australia and Canada in 2023

Skilled migration has become a linchpin in the global movement of talent, offering promising opportunities for professionals to grow and contribute to their adopted nations. Both Australia and Canada are leading destinations for skilled migration, each with its unique point-based systems and selection criteria. Here’s a comprehensive look at skilled migration pathways for these countries, focusing primarily on their respective visa systems, skill assessment, and occupation lists.

Skilled Migration to Australia

Australian Visas: The Key Options

Australia’s immigration system places a heavy emphasis on attracting skilled talent. If you’re considering moving Down Under, three visa types should be on your radar: the 189 visa, 190 visa, and 491 visa. These visas are specifically designed for professionals whose skills are in demand in Australia.

Australia PR Points Calculator

The eligibility for these visas is determined by your points on the Australia PR points calculator, which evaluates your age, work experience, education, and other factors. The higher your points, the better your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa.

Australia Skilled Occupation List

Before proceeding with your application, it’s vital to consult the Australia skilled occupation list. This list details the professions that are currently in demand in Australia. Your occupation must be on this list for you to be eligible for skilled migration.

With various steps and documentation required, the Australian immigration process can be overwhelming. Many applicants choose to consult registered migration agents to facilitate their move. If you’re in the Melbourne area, seeking advice from the best immigration agent in Melbourne is highly recommended.

Skilled Migration to Canada

Canada’s Express Entry System

In Canada, the Express Entry system is the most prominent pathway for skilled migration. This system classifies applicants based on points similar to Australia’s system. Using the Canada Skilled Immigration Points Calculator, you can find out how many points you accumulate for skills, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors.

Occupation List and Skill Assessment in Canada

Canada has its own occupation list Canada, highlighting the careers that are in high demand. Make sure your profession is listed to become a viable candidate for immigration. Canada uses its own set of codes to categorize occupations, which is why reviewing the list and aligning your skills accordingly is crucial.

For Bangladesh Residents

The Canada Immigration Agency in Bangladesh can provide tailored services for applicants from Bangladesh. They can assist with the Canada visa application online process and provide information on how the Canada point calculator works for calculating eligibility.

Regional Options and Skill Assessment

Both countries offer regional migration options to meet local skill shortages. Australia has its Western Australia Skilled Migration Program, while Canada offers Provincial Nominee Programs.

Before applying, it’s important to get your skills assessed. In Australia, a skill assessment is typically required, which can range from an engineer Australia skill assessment to general skill assessments. In Canada, although formal skill assessment isn’t usually required, knowing how you fit into the National Occupational Classification can be beneficial.

Skilled migration is an excellent opportunity for professionals to elevate their careers and lifestyles. Both Australia and Canada offer robust immigration programs with ample opportunities for skilled workers. But the processes can be complex. Hence, consulting registered migration agents and making thorough use of tools like the Australia PR points calculator and Canada immigration points calculator is recommended for a successful migration journey.