Family Class Sponsorship Program

Family Class Sponsorship Program eduaid

Family Class Sponsorship Program

Reunite with Your Family in Canada with the Family Class Sponsorship Program!

One of the main reasons why Canada is such a popular immigration destination is because of the way the Canadian government celebrates family unity and values. As such, there are a number of Canadian immigration laws which prioritise family reunification in Canada through several streams. If you plan on having your family members join you in Canada, then this guide is an essential reading for you!

What is this program?

The Canadian Family Class Sponsorship program allows you to sponsor your family members who want to immigrate to Canada. Not only this, but you can have them join you in Canadaas permanent residents!

This program must be followed in the following order:

  1. You must submit your sponsorship application, after being approved through a separate application to become a sponsor.
  2. Your foreign national family member must submit their application for permanent residency.

Tell me about the different types of sponsorship options.

There are five different streams you can apply under:

  1. Spousal Sponsorship –Married couples, common-law partners and conjugal partners can apply for sponsorship under this stream.
  2. Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship –You can apply for this stream if you are looking to sponsor your parents or grandparents in order for them to join you in Canada. However, this stream is temporarily closed at the moment.
  3. Parent and Grandparent Super Visa –An alternative to the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship, this stream lets your parents and grandparents easily visit you in Canada for up to 2 years at a time. This super visa can have a validity period of up to 10 years!
  4. Dependent Child Sponsorship and Other Sponsorship –This stream is for parents who wish to sponsor their dependent children to join them in Canada. Adopted children, as well as other orphaned family members, can qualify as recipients of the sponsorship.
  5. Provincial Family Class Sponsorship –You can also consider other family class sponsorship programs under the provincial nominee program (PNP). These options operate at a provincial level, and are not part of the federal Family Class Sponsorship Program.

Great! How do I qualify as a sponsor?

Once you identify the stream which best suits your situation, you can apply to be a sponsor. Sponsorships can be offered only by Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are 18 years and older.

Moreover, you must sign an agreement – along with the recipient –confirming that each of you understand your responsibilities and obligations.You must also sign a contract to support your family member by providing the essentials.

Furthermore, if you wish to be a sponsor but currently live outside Canada, you must provide evidence of living exclusively in Canada once the recipient of your sponsorship becomes a Canadian permanent resident.

There are also some limitations to being a sponsor. You cannotbe a sponsor if you:

  • Have previously sponsored another person and less than three years have passed since that person gained permanent residency;
  • Have received any kind of social assistance for reasons other than a disability;
  • Are in default of an undertaking, family support payments, performance bond, or immigration loan;
  • Have been convicted of certain crimes and are yet to be pardoned;
  • Have been previously sponsored as a spouse, and less than five years have passed since you became a permanent resident;
  • Are under a removal order;
  • Are under detention in a penal institution.

I’m all set to apply! How do I proceed?

Once everything checks out for you, head over to eduaid! Our team of globally renowned immigration consultants have the highest success rate when it comes to lodging sponsorship applications, and will ensure that your family member joins you in Canada at the earliest! Visit our website, or give us a call, to set up an appointment and get started on your sponsorship process!