Australian Citizenship Application

Citizenship Application

Australian Citizenship Application

Becoming a citizen of a new country is an important milestone in one’s life. If you’re considering applying for citizenship Application , this article will guide you through the process. An Australian citizenship is an imperative process towards your migration. Becoming a citizen of Australia implies that you understand your responsibility to Australia, its laws, the way of life, and tradition. Moreover, this is also an integral part of your formal enrolment in the Australian community. This series of progressions allow you to call yourself an ‘Australian’.

Australian citizenship provides numerous benefits. For instance, by being a citizen of Australia, you become a part of an amazing community of Indigenous individuals as well as individuals who came from every corner of the world. This diversity in the Australian lifestyle sets this wonderful country apart from the rest, and allows you to become one with it, which makes gaining an Australian citizenship that much more special.

Understanding Australian Citizenship Application

Before you begin your application, it’s vital to comprehend the process and its requirements. A citizenship application typically involves proving your eligibility, gathering essential documents, filling out the application form accurately, submitting it to the appropriate authority, and undergoing background checks, interviews, and tests.

Responsibilities and privileges of an Australian citizenship

As an Australian citizen, you must obey all Australian laws, and defend your country whenever the need arises. You might also be called to serve on a jury as a citizen of Australia.

You will have the right to vote in elections and in a referendum. You can apply to work in the Australian Public Service or the Australian Defence Force. You can also seek election to parliament if you wish. Furthermore, you can register your children as Australian citizens by descent, regardless of where they were born.

Requirements of an Australian citizenship

In order to become an Australian citizen, you will first need to meet the eligibility requirements, which require for you to:

  • Be a permanent resident in Australia both at the time of your application as well as the time when the decision is made.
  • Meet the requirements of the permanent residence.
  • Meet the Australian government’s health and character requirements.
  • Have a competent grasp on the English Language.
  • Intend to stay or maintain a close and sustained association with Australia.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the privileges and the obligations of being a citizen of Australia.

There are also some general residence requirements based on the time for which you have lived in Australia. These requirements ask you to:

  • Have stayed in Australia on a valid Australian visa for a minimum of four years before you apply for the citizenship.
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia for at least 12 months before lodging your application as well as:
    • Not being absent for more than one year in total during these four years
    • Not being absent from Australia for more than 90 days in the 12 months immediately prior to your application.

Including your children in the application

You can include children under 16 years of age in your citizenship application if they are permanent residents in Australia.

Necessary documents for the applicration

You are required to provide three types of documents: Identity, Character, and Supporting documents.

The identity documents include your photograph, signature, current residential address, and your birth name, date of birth, and gender.

Character documents include a penal certificate if you lived or travelled outside Australia since the age of 18 years, and if the total time spent overseas amounts up to 12 months or more, since the day you were granted a permanent Australian visa.

Supporting documents consist of evidence for exemptions, discretions, and concessions. It also includes evidence of the special residence requirement, as well as documents related to children you might have included in your application.

Be noted that all documents submitted must be in English.

Applying for the Citizenship Application

You can apply for Australian citizenship by conferral and apply online by scanning the original documents.

You can use a paper application if:

  • You are eligible for a concession of the fee.
  • You are a member of the Australian Defence Force.
  • You do not have any passport.
  • You are a stateless person.
  • You have stayed in the same region in Australia since 1990.

In addition, you need to complete one of two forms:

Form 1300t Australian citizenship – General eligibility, if you are between the ages of 18 and 59, or

Form 1290 – Australian citizenship – Other situations, if you:

  • Are at least 60 years old.
  • Are at least 18 years old with a permanent disability.
  • Are under 18 years of age, and applying without a parent.

You should include certified copies – not original documents – with your paper application.

Application processing duration

It usually takes around three months for a citizenship application to be processed, but this timeframe is subject to change from the possibility of a backlog of applications, as well as other delays.

Citizenship granting ceremony

If your Australian citizenship application is approved, you will need to attend a ceremony and make the Australian Citizenship Pledge.

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