Popular Festivals in New Zealand!

Popular Festivals in New Zealand

Popular Festivals in New Zealand!

New Zealand is known all over the world for being a leading tourism destination. From serene sights to a dream lifestyle, New Zealand has it all. Among the things that make New Zealand so highly adored by travellers, festivals are some of the most enjoyable occasions for residents and tourists alike.

To help you learn more about New Zealand’s culture and traditions, here are five popular festivals in New Zealand!

1. Auckland International Buskers Festival

The Auckland International Buskers Festival is an incredibly vibrant and crowd-pleasing festival, held in New Zealand over four days, with displays of spectacular performances from the world’s most talented street performers being the headline act. The thrilling show put on by the acrobats, hula hoop artists, jugglers, and magicians are sure to make your jaw drop in amazement!


WOMAD, short for World of Music, Arts and Dance, is a popular annual festival of New Zealand that brings together international musicians and artists from all over the world. This three-day-long fiesta is held at the beautiful New Plymouth site of Taranaki, and has been a recurring annual New Zealand festival since March 2003. To amplify the electrifying atmosphere of the festival, WOMAD offers numerous food stalls serving scrumptious delicacies, delightful craft stores, and scores of other workshops and activities!

3. Queenstown Winter Festival

Queenstown Winter Festival, which marks the beginning of the winter season in New Zealand, promises to provide the best weekend of the year for New Zealand’s residents and tourists alike. The three-day festival is packed with exciting events and activities, including skiing, a snowman-building competition, a winter gala, suitcase racing, and a spectacular fireworks display! Ever since the first iteration being organised in 1975, this festival has come to be known as the biggest winter party in the entire Southern Hemisphere!

4. Earth Beat Aotearoa

Earth Beat Aotearoa is an innovative, five-day-long festival that celebrates earth-friendly music, arts, culture and well-being. Taking place at the picturesque shore of Kaipara Harbour, this family-oriented camping festival offers plenty of wellness workshops, comedy, and poetry events. In addition, Earth Beat also organises outdoor, nature activities for kids to ensure that the little ones enjoy a wonderful time as well!

5. Crankworx Mountain Biking Festival

This much-anticipated annual mountain biking festival of Crankworx Rotorua is attended by the world’s legendary bikers and biking enthusiasts. This five-day festival holds competitions in different categories, from amateur to pro, and in various styles – downhill, slopestyle, and many others! To heighten the adrenaline rush of attending fans, this festival also provides an amazing live music experience to make the time spent here truly memorable!