Ten Fun Facts about New Zealand | Immigration to New Zealand

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Ten Fun Facts about New Zealand | Immigration to New Zealand

If you are looking to immigrate to New Zealand, it will help to learn more about your new home. To help you do that, we have compiled a list of ten fun facts about New Zealand!


1. Least Corrupted Nation in the World

New Zealand is regarded as being the least corrupted country in the world. The accolade was awarded by the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index, ranking the country first out of 176 countries.

2. The Clearest Lake in the World

The Blue Lake, located in the Nelson Lakes National Park, is the most translucent natural body of freshwater known to man, and has visibility of up to 80 metres!

3. Low Human Population

Humans make up around only 5% of the total population in New Zealand. This gives the country the highest human-to-animal ratio in the world and makes it a fantastic place to see wildlife!

4. In New Zealand, you’ll Always be Close to the Sea

The country is surrounded by seas, which ensures that you are never more than 128 kilometres away from the coast!

5. NZ is void of Snakes!

If you love travelling and adventures but are jittery in the presence of slithering reptiles, then this is the perfect destination for you, as you will never find snakes in New Zealand!

6. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu

No, this is not a cat running over the keyboard! It the longest named place in the world – a 305-metres high hill located near Porangahau in Hawke’s Bay.

7. Auckland is the City of Sails

Auckland has the highest number of boats per capita in the world, which makes the city perfect for sailing enthusiasts! You can explore the city with a twilight sail, which is one of the most magical experiences you can treat yourself to in the country!

8. NZ has the Greatest Variety of Penguins

Even though penguins are not native to NZ, these shy and flightless birds can be spotted in numerous spots in the country. You can catch glimpses of the Blue Penguin, the Fiordland Crested Penguin, and even the rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin on a wildlife tour!

9. Golf Fanatics

With 390 golf clubs for a population of fewer than 5 million people, New Zealand is second in the world for the highest number of courses per capita, behind Scotland!

10. First Country to Introduce Commercial Bungee

The thrilling bungee jumping was first commercially organized by AJ Hackett on the Kawarau Bridge in 1988. Since then, millions of successful bungee jumps have been made in the country!