Telstra CEO Endorses Skilled Migrants


Telstra CEO Endorses Skilled Migrants

The CEO of Telstra, Andy Penn, has urged politicians to build skills instead of walls in order to boost the performance of local workers.

This remark comes amidst a growing intensity of debates on migration, an issue which has been under close scrutiny from a section of the Australian government.

Speaking at a keynote CEDA event, he said that there is currently a shortage of skilled workers in Australia, which is a leading factor behind companies – including his own – employing skilled migrants.

He also prescribed that instead of looking for vote-grabbing political narratives, politicians should focus on the Australian economy and work force by allowing policies that promote a healthy inflow of migrant workers.

This can in turn also have the added benefit of training the local workers on skills, he claimed.

Mr. Penn also dismissed the notion that migrant workers are taking away the jobs of the locals, saying that a proper immigration policy would in fact be “a job creator, not a job taker.”

“Skilled migrants bring ideas, expertise and innovation,” he said, while also applauding their capacity to “train and skill their Australian colleagues.”

“Skilled migrants also add to Australia’s wealth. We need to build skills, not walls,” he continued.

Mr. Penn also underlined the need for Australia to have a continuous skilled migration policy, which will help businesses acquire the necessary talent and capabilities needed to reach the next level and compete effectively on the global stage.

Telstra is the largest provider of mobile phones and devices in Australia, and the backing of its CEO will undoubtedly give a massive boost to migration hopefuls to Australia.

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