South Australia to be marketed as destination of choice for international students

South Australia to be marketed as destination of choice for international students

June 24, 2015 South Australia will be marketed as the destination of choice for overseas students in a $5.7 million campaign aimed at growing international education.
The campaign, called Destination Adelaide, will focus on marketing the state to China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong.
Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said the new Destination Adelaide campaign will boost the state’s competitiveness in attracting international students from key Asian markets to education institutions, while linking in with tourism and trade opportunities.

“This investment is about accelerating the growth of our international education sector to drive the economy and job creation,” he said.

“It links directly with one of our key economic priorities to grow South Australia’s reputation as the ‘knowledge state’ and attract a diverse body of students.”

The $5.7 million Destination Adelaide campaign will focus on:

• Marketing South Australia within six key markets: China, including the sister province of Shandong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

• Developing scholarship and incentive programs for international students.

• Promoting the benefits of South Australia through new digital campaigns and university alumni networks.

• Bringing together universities and accommodation providers to deliver an accommodation offer guarantee, ensuring that by 2017 new international students who are offered a public university place in Adelaide will also be offered accommodation.

• Better aligning South Australian Tourism Commission and StudyAdelaide campaigns to maximise their impact in key markets.

• Expanding the Qingdao Ambassador social media campaign to Shandong.

• Developing a StudyAdelaide student guide mobile app that new international students can download prior to or upon arrival in Adelaide.

Employment, Higher Education and Skills Minister Gail Gago said the expansion of the Qingdao Ambassador Campaign across Shandong will mean millions more potential students will be exposed to South Australia and what it has to offer.

“Under the campaign, a student ambassador travels to Adelaide to undertake a four-week English course and visits the state’s universities as well as some of our tourism hotspots,â€_x009d_ she said.

“Their experiences are then shared with family, friends and potentially millions of fellow students in South Australia’s largest source country, China, through social media.”

The Qingdao Ambassador program was launched in October last year through 26 Chinese media outlets and last month, 21-year-old student Wang Dan was announced as the inaugural winner.

“It was a phenomenal success, receiving more than 170 million online views and attracting applications from 800 students,” Ms Gago said.

“It clearly showed the incredible interest from international students in coming to Adelaide to experience our world-class education and our safe, friendly and relaxed lifestyle.â€_x009d_

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