Skilled Migrants are solution for Quebec’s job vacancies

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Skilled Migrants are solution for Quebec’s job vacancies

Quebec has the highest job openings across all of Canada, according to a new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

The report states that 4 per cent of all jobs across Quebec are unfilled, in the face of a growing economy.

With an ageing population demographic failing to catch up to the province’s workforce requirements, skilled migrants are proving to be the ideal solution to filling the vacancies.

The report cites labor shortages and a lack of local workers as the key factors behind the province’s suffering private workforce, as the number of vacancies reaches nearly 120,000.

As the economy of Quebec grows by the day, more and more positions and openings are created but remain unfilled due to an ageing population and insufficiently skilled local workers.

As a result, skilled migration is seen as a viable solution, with an influx of skilled migrants to Quebec expected to have a positive impact on the demographic shortfalls that the province is experiencing concerning labor shortages.

This has resulted in the Quebec government to encourage skilled migration to the province via the Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and the Quebec Experience Class (PEQ).

To apply under the QSWP stream, you must apply to the provincial government for a certificate of selection, which will be your proof of being selected as a skilled migrant to Quebec. Once you obtain your certificate of selection, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

On the other hand, the PEQ requires you to have prior work experience in Canada, strong proficiency in both English and French, and plans to live solely in Quebec.

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