Quebec launches new points system for Canadian immigration

Quebec Canadian immigration

Quebec launches new points system for Canadian immigration

Quebec has introduced a new scoring system for immigration candidates looking to move to Canada in the Arrima Expression of Interest pool.

The new scoring system will have up to 1,320 points available for immigration candidates, of which 580 points will be for human capital factors and 740 points for Quebec’s labour market needs.

Under the new scoring system, immigration candidates who are willing to settle outside Montreal will be awarded more points on their profiles.

Moreover, applicants will earn additional points for spouses or common-law partners who also apply for immigration to Quebec.

The human capital criteria will include English or French language ability, age, education, and applicants’ work experience in the new points allocation.

The labour market factors will comprise work experience in a field facing labour shortages in Quebec, other work experience throughout Canada, and job opportunities in and around the Greater Montreal area.

Employment opportunities outside Montreal can be worth as much as 380 points, while inter-Montreal offers can carry 180 points.

In a press release, Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) stated that the launching of this new scoring system would better align immigration and the labour market needs of Quebec.

The new system will also aim to optimize the use of the Arrima Expression of Interest pool by allowing a prior classification of immigration applicants according to their profiles and backgrounds.

Based on information made public by Quebec, the number of invitations to apply (ITAs) for permanent selection in Quebec in a given year may be determined on the basis of the new scoring system.

Moreover, the new scoring system will allow the province to issue Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQ) within six months of receiving immigration applications. Applicants who are issued CSQs can then apply for permanent Canadian immigration with the federal government.

How to apply for permanent selection in Quebec

Applicants who wish to apply for permanent selection in Quebec through the Regular Skilled Worker Program must be 18 or older, and create an Expression of Interest profile in the Arrima pool – a points-based application management portal for skilled migration to Quebec.

Candidates will be given scores on their profiles per the new scoring system, based on the eligibility factors of human capital criteria and Quebec’s labour market needs.

The highest-scoring candidates will then be invited to apply for permanent selection in Quebec by MIFI. Once applicants receive their CSQ, they can apply for Canadian immigration by applying with the federal government for permanent residency in Canada.