Five fun post-lockdown activities in Vancouver to make your time memorable!


Five fun post-lockdown activities in Vancouver to make your time memorable!

With the whole world in lockdown, everyone is eagerly awaiting the moment when they will be able to go out again. To help you plan your post-lockdown outings, we have compiled a list of five fun activities in Vancouver to make the most of your time after months of being shut-in!

1. Grouse Grind

An adventurous trudge up the mountain, the Grouse Grind is the perfect destination for the outdoor lovers. The first hikers were recorded to have conquered this mountain in 1894, and hiking activities really took off in the 1930s. A challenging climb up Grouse Mountain extending 2.9 kilometers to the peak, this is perfect for adventurers, and provides an aerobic exercise in addition to sightseeing! However, don’t be deterred if you’re not in the fittest condition – there are plenty of mountaintop trails that might be more suitable for the average hikers! One thing you can rest assured of is that the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain will instantly evaporate all your exhaustion!

2. Vancouver’s Art

If you are an aesthete, then visiting the art galleries of Vancouver is a must for you! You will be able to feast your eyes on the vast collection of arts on exhibit from artists belonging to various backgrounds. Many art galleries in Vancouver are also totally free of cost for visitors, which makes them excellent destinations for spending a holiday on a tight budget!

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge

One of the main tourist attractions in Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a vast, 140-meter long sprawl crossing the Capilano River. Situated 70 meters above the river, this simple suspension bridge was originally built in 1889 and consists of Treetops Adventures, where seven footbridges are suspended 30 meters above the forest floor, between ancient fir trees. You can also enjoy the Cliffwalk, which takes you through rainforest vegetation on a series of suspended walkways from the granite cliff faces above the river. Exercise caution, though; it is not for the faint-hearted!

4. Sea-to-Sky highway

The Sea-to-Sky Highway, officially known as the British Columbia Highway 99, is one of the most beautiful highways to drive on. This legendary route stretches for 409 kilometers, and is filled with idyllic scenery at every turn. You can also stop to appreciate cultural and historical spots as well as numerous waterfalls lining the highway. You will definitely remember a drive down this highway your entire life!

5. Richmond Night Market

The Richmond Night Market is an annual festival where Asian authenticity is the main attraction. It is held every year from May through October on the weekends and comprises of stalls selling Asian cuisines and other assorted luxuries. You can indulge in a wide variety of Asian dishes, and immerse yourself in the Asian culture, thus getting a first-hand experience of the all-night shopping extravaganzas seen throughout Asia. In short, an absolute must-visit for those looking to experience different cultures!

Now that you have your list of activities to try out, get your itinerary ready, and make your time after the lockdown ends in Vancouver last you a lifetime!