Increase in permanent settler and short-term visitors

permanent settler

Increase in permanent settler and short-term visitors

Recently the Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its latest "Overseas Arrivals and Departures" report. The report shows that a total of 534,800 short-term visitors arrived in Australia during the month of August 2013. This is 0.5 percent higher than the number of short-term visitors that disembarked in the country during July 2013.

It also means that approximately 4.3 percent more people were welcomed into Australia during August 2013 than in the same month last year.

The "Overseas Arrivals and Departures" report also sheds some light on the number of long-term or permanent visitors Australia opened its doors to during the month of August.

A total of 13,490 people who said they were coming to settle in Australia permanently arrived in the country in August 2013. This is up 2 percent on last year's recorded number of 13,220.

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