Migration to Australia impartial for economic recovery

Migration to Australia

Migration to Australia impartial for economic recovery

Amidst slow immigration to Australia in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts have called on the Australian government to turn to international arrivals to get the economy back on track.

Following results obtained from modelling by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) and the Australian National University (ANU), calls for the government to let holders of migration visas to Australia return to the country have gathered momentum.

CEDA’s research model shows that recent skilled and business visa holders to Australia have had a positive impact on the Australian workforce, wages and participation of local workers.

These findings are also in tandem with modelling done by the ANU’s Productivity Commission, the results of which show that immigrants with skilled and business visas to Australia helped boost wages and employment, and had no negative impacts on the labour market outcomes for Australia’s local workers.

As a result, Australian policymakers are being urged to restart migration to Australia by focusing on attracting qualified immigrants from around the world to fill critical skill gaps which cannot be met by the current local workforce.

There is enough room for improvement in regards to getting Australia’s economy back on track again, and calls to make this happen by restarting immigration are getting louder by the day.