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Australia   |   Skilled Migration Visa

Are you a skilled person wanting to live and work in Australia? This pathway allows you and your family members to come in Australia and ultimately apply for citizenship. The Australian migration system is considered as the most demand driven and applicants friendly. Each year Australia approves more migration visas than any other similar countries. The number of occupation categories that Australia permits is exceptionally high. Due to its rapid economical growth and low population density, Australia is the perfect migration destination for professionals who really care for their career and family.

What are the Basic Requirements for Skilled Migration?

Professionals should have the required education and the requisite professional experience for skilled migration. The current skilled immigration requirement for Australia is:

  • Age should be below 45 years
  • At least Bachelor / Masters degree completed
  • Should have experience on MLTSSL/STSOL listed occupation
  • Should achieve at least 60 points according to DIBP specification
  • Should have a good command of English (Min. IELTS score 6.0 should be provided later)

Applicants for skilled migration need to meet strict threshold criteria. These criteria include:


You must be aged between 18 and 44 at the time of invitation.

English Language Ability

Non-Native English Speakers will have to take English language test (in most cases, the IELTS). Natives might be exempted from taking IELTS but they are prescribed to take it for claiming more points. The usual or threshold requirement for IELTS is 6.0 that is a qualifying score for most of the occupations.

Skills Assessment

For skill verification, all applicants will have to undergo skills assessment from the relevant assessment authority. A number of skill assessment bodies are available for varying skills having different verification requirements. In most cases, the skills assessment will be based on the applicant's qualifications and work experience, though in some cases English language ability and formal examinations are required.

If you are applying for Skilled Migration, you will need to prove your English language ability. The required level of English depends on the visa subclass you are applying for and there are 3 different levels of English which may be relevant:

» Superior English
» Proficient English
» Competent English

Timing of English
This means that you would need to provide evidence of English testing at the time of application, however, some skills assessing authorities require IELTS score result during assessment. As it can take some time to obtain a booking for a test and to receive the results, you may wish to plan to take the English test well ahead of time. Tests conducted up to 3 years prior to lodgment of a skilled visa application will be accepted by DIBP.

Acceptable English Tests
The IELTS test is the most common way of evidencing English language ability. Either the Academic or General Training versions of the test are acceptable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, but some skills assessing authorities require applicants to sit the Academic version. You will need to obtain a minimum score in each band of the IELTS (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) in a single sitting. The threshold requirement is 6.0 yet it might vary according to the nominated occupation’s requirement against the state. One can take IELTS in either General Training or Academic module once General IELTS is the requirement but when Academic IELTS is the requirement one will have to take Academic IELTS.

The Occupational English Test (OET) is also accepted as evidence of proficient and superior levels of English. The OET is only appropriate for medical and allied health professionals. It is likely that other tests will be added to the list of acceptable tests in the future.

General Professional

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